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Getting growth from your moneyInvesting is not done purely by the rich, and equally, bank accounts are not necessarily the best place to maintain excess savings. So if you have spare income every month and want to earn more than just interest on it, or have a lump sum you would like to invest, MAP can help make your money work harder for you.

We pride ourselves on the returns we generate for our many happy customers by way of our investment process, which contains three three key steps:

  • Select – Choose the best product and range of funds for someone based on their investment attitudes;
  • Review – Regularly review the funds we are happy to recommend to clients, new and existing; and
  • Switch – Recommend fund switches where necessary and if approved, make those switches.

If you currently have an underperforming investment or savings plan, talk to MAP. We can review existing policies and switch funds, should those that are on our Recommended Fund List (RFL) be available to use. This means keeping your money in the same investment(s) but changing the underlying fund(s) to something with better performance, without necessarily taking any more risk.

Should this not be possible, the alternative is to move your money to new investment(s), which have access to funds on our RFL. This then gives the potential for better growth, by way of increased fund selection, fund diversification (so not all your eggs are in the one basket) and cost effectiveness.

MAP can maximise your returns with an ongoing, proactive investment strategy.

So whether you have new money to invest or existing investments which aren’t doing what they are supposed to, we can find the product or plan to suit you, which will maximise growth and the returns payable.

We will regularly review the performance of your savings and/or investments thereafter, to ensure they remain on track throughout your financial journey, at all times taking into consideration your personal circumstances, future goals and requirements.

In order to provide complete transparency, we can also give you 24/7 access to viewing your savings and/or investments, thus allowing you to track and monitor their performance at any time. If you already have access, why not login today to see your money working harder for you.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

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