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The MAP proposition is unique in the Independent Financial Advice market and offers a genuine opportunity for motivated individuals to enter this industry and build their own IFA business.

Franchise Overview

Our Business Proposition is quite simple really, we will provide you with everything you need to establish your IFA business and to generate opportunities almost from day one.

It may sound simple, but the reality is that for an individual to go about setting up a sustainable IFA business on their own in today's financial climate would be extremely difficult to say the least.

As a MAP Franchisee you will be able to establish and grow your business, safe in the knowledge that you have a team behind you to support you in every area of your business.

Establishing Your Business

Trying to establish a business and enter an already established market place can be daunting to say the least and that is why many people choose to opt for franchising. Franchising is a business relationship where one party allows another party to operate under an already established brand and operating system and benefit from the initial and ongoing support available without having to employ staff to provide this support and expertise. This in return allows the Franchisee to spend their time in front of clients generating fee income and growing their business.

Investment Information

In order to set up and establish your business as quickly as possible, Map will privde you with the following support

The initial fee which will effectively provide you with a "business box" and allow you to hit the ground running from day one is £25,000

(This fee can be adapted on a modular basis subject to experience and relevant qualification held.)

Ongoing Support

Once the business is set-up, we will provide you with ongoing support to run and grow the business on a daily basis and this support comes in various forms, as follows:

Why choose us?

Daily Life of a Franchisee

You will invariably be house-based, and you will follow up on marketing leads to visit potential clients in their own homes, find out all of their relevant information, and finally (after training period) make recommendations and then potentially follow up into a sale You will then do after-sales service to try and ensure the advice that you give is still logical and does what it is supposed to.

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