How we invest money

How we invest money puts risk at the heart of the discussion.

Here at MAP, we invest our client’s money as if it was our own. Our investment process has been refined over many years, and we make our client’s money work harder for them – to help them achieve their long-term goals – through the ongoing monitoring of their investments.

Once we understand a client’s needs and attitude(s) to risk, we invest their money in a spread of funds from our Recommended Fund List (RFL). These funds will vary in type and also in geographical area (of where they are invested), in an attempt to maximise returns, and more importantly, lessen potential over-exposure in any one area.

A typical spread could be an investment made up of UK equities, interest-based funds, global funds, Asian funds, emerging markets and technology funds. It all depends on what is performing well at any given time.

Where we add real value is in the ongoing and regular monitoring of the funds chosen. This ensures returns are maximised for our client’s. Here is how the process works:

  • Select – Based on a client’s requirements and attitude(s) to risk, we select a range of funds from our RFL to make up their investment(s).
  • Review – We review the performance of all available funds every quarter and remove those which have underperformed from our RFL.
  • Switch – Client investments that are using any underperforming funds, which have since been removed from our RFL, are interrogated with a view to switching the poorer funds with those which are better performing and are on our RFL.

We always keep our client’s informed of any proposed change of funds, and we will never move their money without their prior permission. It also means client money is not shifted about from policy to policy, unless there is a change in circumstances or requirements. That can be an expensive way of doing things and can lead to a client eventually not even knowing where there money is invested any more.

With the investment providers we normally recommend, our client’s have 24/7 online access to see how their funds are performing. This also provides complete transparency on any fees which may apply; either from MAP or the investment provider.

Investments done through MAP offer true value and are bespoke to you.

Investing client’s money to maximise returns and helping them achieve their financial goals is our business, and we have many very happy clients who rely on our investment process to do just that for them (see proof below). Why not contact us today to see how we can help you.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results


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