James McCallum

“Information alone cannot accomplish goals. Information is not valuable until transformed into knowledge that can be used to achieve an objective.”

Albert Einstein

James McCallum is a conscientious and professional Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) who joined MAP in early 2022. He has over 30 years extensive experience in the financial services industry and specialises in investments and pensions. He also gives advice in all aspects of financial planning, from protection and insurance to mortgages and equity release.

James normally advises clients on a two-meeting process. In the first meeting, he takes great care and time to get to know a client better, and gather all information about them to help agree their future objectives. This lets them start to build their relationship and trust.

The second meeting is used for Jim to present his solutions. He will provide clear, independent advice to help a client achieve their objectives, which is as free from jargon as possible. He will walk them through the steps involved in how best to proceed, and deal with as much of the work as possible. And lastly, he will agree on when to meet with a client again to review their financial objectives and what has been put in place for them. This will happen at least on an annual basis, if not more regularly. 

James began his career in financial planning in 1991 with Britannic Assurance before becoming an Independent Financial Adviser with Thistle Financial Services in 2001. He has gradually built up a substantial following of clients through referrals and acquisition, which is based on trust and affirmation.