Isobel Singleton

“In teamwork, silence isn’t golden, it’s deadly.”

Mark Sanborn

Isobel has been with MAP since its formation, in a variety of administrative positions. She initially joined to help the family business, in covering maternity leave, but quickly found her space and has been irreplaceable. She deals primarily with fund switching – co-ordinating between clients and advisers and all the compliance paperwork involved therein.

Isobel started her working life in the Department of Employment in Glasgow as a Personal Secretary to the Senior Executive Officer; a position she held for nine years before leaving to start a family. After raising two children, she was personal secretary for her husband Andrew (also at MAP) whilst he was authorised at other firms prior to joining MAP. She then joined the firm at the same time as him, thus helping with continuity and adviser support throughout.

Away from work, Isobel is a church elder with Alloway Parish Church in Ayr, and therefore divides her time between work for MAP and efforts in the local community for various church committees. She also has two grandchildren who she tries to spoil as much as possible, whenever she can.