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Why getting the right advice is so important

Speak to a financial adviser who can help youEstablishing a relationship with an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) you can trust to handle all of your financial needs is critical to achieving your financial goals. Not all Financial Advisers are the same, so you must beware!

The two main types of financial adviser are those who are independent and those who are not. All advisers must tell you what services they offer from the outset. To be called an Independent Financial Adviser, they must be able to offer a broad range of retail investment products, and give consumers unbiased advice based on a comprehensive analysis of the market.

Restricted or tied advisers on the other hand can only recommend certain types of investment products or products from a limited number of providers (possibly only one if tied). It is important to establish at the outset what type of advice an adviser can offer, to ensure you get the best investment(s) to suit your needs and requirements.

All advisers must be properly qualified to give financial advice and hold the Diploma in Financial Planning, or an equivalent qualification. Advisers must also prove that their knowledge is up-to -date through continual professional development (CPD).

Some types of advice require an adviser to have specialist qualifications – pension transfers and equity release for example. Any companies offering these services should have advisers within their ranks who are suitably qualified to provide advice in these areas.

Advisers must also be transparent in the fees they charge for both initial and ongoing advice and services.

As a valued client of Money Advice & Planning Ltd you can rest assured in the services we offer:

  • Non-restricted advice and planning – no matter what financial advice and products you need, we can help.
  • Face-to-face advice from UK-wide trusted advisers – irrespective of where you are in the UK, one of our advisers will be happy to meet you and discuss matters face-to-face.
  • Fees structured to suit requirements – financial advice should never take on a ‘one size fits all’ approach and our fees will be structured and mutually agreed to suit your needs.
  • Tailored service packages – we don’t believe in one-off financial advice and have several service packages available, so your financial affairs are reviewed throughout your journey with MAP.
  • Whole of market non-discretionary investments – our bespoke investment strategy will cater for your needs and requirements, and give you an investment right for you.
  • Quarterly investment reviews – our proactive analysis of fund performance ensures you are always invested in the best areas to suit your attitudes to risk.
  • Recommended funds – we invest using recommended fund lists, which have been tried and tested to deliver successful returns for our clients.
  • Transparency and peace of mind – clients have 24/7 access to their investments through the MAP portal, so they always know how their investment is performing.

Perhaps most importantly of all, we come tried and tested. Read the reviews of just one of our advisers and see for yourself.

The material is for general information only and does not constitute investment, tax, legal or other form of advice. You should not rely on this information to make (or refrain from making) any decisions. Links to external sites are for information only and do not constitute endorsement. Always obtain independent professional advice for your own particular situation. Money Advice & Planning Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Long-Term Care Planning

Getting the right care package in placeLong-term care is when someone requires either care in their own home or to live in a care/nursing home; both of which must be paid for.

In both circumstances, key decisions need to be made and ‘add-ons’ to be considered. The two key aspects behind these are requirement and cost – what is definitely needed, no matter what, and what is affordable?

Making informed decisions about long-term care is very difficult, but doing it in advance is necessary. It ensures sufficient knowledge and funding is in place when needed, making the transition into care much easier.

People with disabilities and/or complex medical issues may qualify for NHS continuing care, which is free of charge. However, it cannot be relied upon as the vast majority of people will not qualify for it. Local authorities can provide some element of funding, but with public sector budgets constantly being stretched, sacrifices will almost certainly have to be made. Lastly, benefits are available which are not means tested, and they can make some difference to the end cost payable.

The only way to control long-term care costs is through self-funding. This requires healthy savings and/or successful investing, plus most importantly of all, good planning. For good financial planning, you need to speak to a qualified adviser.

MAP will find the best way for you to fund ongoing care for yourself or a loved one.

If you or a loved one are considering registering for care and are concerned about the costs involved, talk to one of our long-term care specialists. They have the knowledge and experience to plan out how best to tackle the requirements, explain the options open to you, and guide you with regards financial assistance available.

Many people are reluctant to seek advice and help for care; almost as if they are embarrassed to do it. We are more than happy to discuss it with you and your family and provide the impartial opinion and support which is truly needed in such situations.

For more information, click on the most suitable link:

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Our Services

Our services and why they can helpIrrespective of what you need to speak to a financial adviser about, MAP will be able to find the best solution(s) to meet your needs. We are fully independent meaning we can advise you on any of the following, taking into consideration your attitude to risk and all options available in the marketplace:

Any and all of these solutions can be provided to you through sound financial planning. By this, we mean structuring a personal financial plan after getting to know you and understanding your goals.

Furthermore, we will stay with you throughout your financial journey, for as long as you need us. Our regular review service will ensure your finances stay on track and continue to reflect what you need, want and expect.

Whatever advice you need for your financial journey, talk to MAP.