• Retirement planning is not solely about reviewing pensions in the lead up to retirement. Once that time comes, you need to be careful with your money and do what is best in your circumstances.
    For some people, the now old-fashioned idea of using their pension to purchase an annuity is still the best option. If that is you, MAP can help source the best annuity for you, given your personal circumstances.


MAP prides itself in its bespoke investment cycle and building client’s pension pots up to be of some value to them at retirement. We are more than happy to help people with the next stage; using said pension(s) to purchase an annuity, if that is the best option open to them. As we are independent, we can always find and recommend to them the best annuity rates available on the market.

If you are close to retirement and cannot do anything to improve your pension, and keeping it as that rather than purchasing an annuity is the best thing for you, you still need to make get the best value for it. There are many insurance companies offering good annuity rates. All have different conditions and at different prices though. The seemingly best option is not always clear, so research needs to be done beforehand.

MAP can do this research for you, to make sure the best annuity for your individual circumstances is found. Furthermore, we will handle all paperwork involved. This makes the transfer from pension to annuity, in your eyes, seamless.

We must point out that once an annuity is purchased, nothing can be done to alter it. Also, you cannot move between annuity rates. In other words, you only get one chance to buy the most suitable policy for receiving your pension.

That is why it is worth speaking to MAP. We will ensure you do not end up making a costly mistake. After all, you know the saying – decide in haste, repent at leisure.