• Who knows how long a pension may have to last?  Would you have enough money if you were to live to 100?
    Whether you are nearing retirement or still have many years of work ahead, it is never too late to review your retirement provisions and improve on them. Whatever your circumstances, we can help you with sensible pension planning advice.

Pensions & Retirement Planning

Our advisers are adept at Pensions Planning and Retirement Planning.  Perhaps you need a review and some advice on your current pension(s), to change them for the better, or you don't have a pension and want to get started. We do a lot of work planning pensions out for clients and showing them what they need to do to plan for the retirement they want or, more to the point, need. Increased contributions will obviously help but the final value at retirement depends a lot on investment performance.

How Well Is Your Pension Doing?

People should never pay into a pension and hope things will work themselves out. By doing so, will they have enough at retirement? Should they pay more into their pension if affordable to do so? What effect will inflation have on their pension?

Under our pension planning service, we review pensions regularly and once we compare performance with expectation, we make recommendations. Whether it is switching fund(s) a pension is invested in, or transferring the plan to a provider with the potential for more growth, we will do what is best. At MAP, we only ever invest and review clients’ pension money in accordance with our bespoke investment methodology which puts you and your needs first; and our excellent client care continues for as long as you need us.

Thinking About Transferring Your Pension?

Before you do anything, you'll want to know if a pension transfer is worth your while. For example, you might have a pension from a former employer sitting frozen, not doing anything. It is worthwhile having a MAP adviser check to see if it's worth transferring for better planning and potentially better growth.

Whether you do it yourself or you ask your financial adviser, a pension should only be transferred if it is in your best interests.  We'll ensure any pension transfer is done with your best interests in mind, taking into consideration both your needs and any wishes you have for your beneficiaries.

Pensions Freedoms - Access Your Pension

Recently, we also saw the introduction of the pensions freedoms rules. These allow people aged 55 and over to access their pensions, even before retirement. It should be remembered that pensions are designed for use in retirement only, and should ideally be used only then. If you need to access your pension prior to retiring, give MAP a call, and we can advise you on the best way forward.

Talk to Us About Pension Planning

It's easy to arrange a chat about your pension with one of our financial advisers. Whether you want to set up a pension or think you'd like to arrange a review of a pension you've had for a while, you can arrange an (absolutely) no-obligation chat about your pension. Contact us either by filling in the form on this page or call us on 0141 891 7850 or 0345 241 1808.

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