• We understand it can be difficult to know who to trust with your money. Furthermore, it is near impossible to figure out where best to invest money and see good performance by yourself.
    Whether you want to invest a lump sum, start regular savings or plan for retirement, MAP can find a solution that will work for you.

    Our advice and planning will help your money to grow, through use of our trusted strategy that has worked for so many people in the past.

MAP's Investment Cycle

The investment cycle is the method we undertake to keep client’s investments in good shape. This cycle continues for as long as an investment under our authority exists, because we care about and are proud of the results we achieve. As with almost anything else in life that grows, an investment left untended simply would not. That is why you need to constantly watch over them, or else they will (in all likelihood) eventually falter.

Maximising your Money

We want to be judged by the service we give clients and the returns we make on their investments. This cycle takes into consideration both of those aspects.

Imagine having an investment which you could treat like a football dream team:

  • Picking only the best funds to invest in within one policy;
  • Finding out their performance at any time;
  • Getting the perfect balance of defence and attack to suit you; and
  • Making unlimited substitutions when necessary.

With MAP, this is possible and could be of real benefit to you. We believe an investment should be active rather than being put in place and left as is for its duration. After all, the only thing guaranteed with finances is that they are bound to change at some point. This makes getting a good fund investment performance vital.

Our Philosophy

Due to the performance of the economy and “Managed” funds alike in recent years, MAP wanted investments to be of true benefit to clients. It is not all about getting clients a half-decent return from their money straight away. We feel it is better to get such returns consistently over as long a term as the client wishes. More so, we don’t want clients to think they would be better keeping their money under the mattress.

MAP believes that for any investment to be successful, it needs to be set-up correctly:

  • Initial research must be carried out to find the right type of policy for you;
  • The policy should be made up of a selection of funds which match your attitude to risk
  • Regular ongoing research must be done to ensure the funds used continue to perform well; and
  • The ability to replace funds to aid performance should be readily available.

MAP advisers only recommend funds with strong, consistent performance history. They must also be heavily invested in, as lesser ones can be more volatile. We review all statistical fund information quarterly. Furthermore, our advisers only use funds which qualify for our Recommended Fund List.

Attitude to Risk (ATR)

There is always a balance between risk and return. Clients may expect higher risk funds to provide higher returns, but this is not always the case. We divide all funds into one of five categories of risk, as follows:

  1. Very Cautious – very little risk of losing capital but returns may be no higher than inflation; e.g. cash/bank accounts.
  2. Cautious – there is a small risk of losing money, but returns should at least be higher than inflation; e.g. bonds, corporate bonds and fixed interest stocks.
  3. Moderate – deemed to be middle of the road with a chance of losing some money, balanced out by potential for reasonable returns; e.g. UK stocks and shares.
  4. Speculative – there is a chance of losing significant amounts of money although there is an equal chance of significant returns; e.g. special situations funds and smaller company.
  5. Very Speculative – you could lose all of your money or could see spectacular returns, e.g. technology and health funds, and investment in emerging markets.

At quarterly intervals, we highlight funds where performance is poor. We also monitor investments to ensure the spread of risk is still in line with their wishes. Should an ATR drift because some funds outperform others, we would rectify the situation quickly. This ensures the policy is still as the client wanted it on day one and is not taking too much or too little risk.

Investments our way

If you would like to receive investment advice from MAP, feel free to contact us. An appointment can be made with an adviser, and your requirements will be discussed in private. By the end of that, they will know how best to MAP out your finances for you.

Alternatively, if you would like to invest online without any advice, MAP allows you to do so online through one of two systems; MAP Direct and MAP Select.

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