The MAP Approach to ISAs

MAP is independent and can access almost every fund in the UK stock market. This allows our clients far greater freedom of choice and growth potential. It means they can pick an ISA made up of funds with good performance history, rather than a product which is off-the-shelf and non-specific. This differs from many other companies who are tied or restricted to using their own investment funds in their ISAs. This means they are not necessarily providing a huge selection to choose from initially, and less choice should the funds they start with falter through time and need replacing.

The Investment Cycle

Through MAP’s Investment Cycle, we do our utmost to grow  ISAs. We identify investment funds showing good performance and matching a person’s attitude to risk, then build their ISA using them. We monitor them regularly to ensure they perform as expected, and recommend fund changes should they then start to under-perform. 

Equity ISAs (you may know them as Stocks and Shares ISAs or Shares ISAs) are the type we recommend to clients. These ISAs access the stock market so have more risk attached to them, but have correspondingly greater growth potential. They do, however, need to be looked after, to ensure performance is maximised.

Setting Up Your Equity ISA Portfolio

We firmly believe our investment process will work for you, whatever level of risk you are comfortable with. We will invest your money into one ISA made up of three different investment funds, thus spreading the risk. All you need do is pick the risk portfolio you are most comfortable with, and leave the rest to us! Using the table below, if you were only happy with taking a small amount of risk with your ISA, you would use predominantly low-risk funds, i.e. Portfolio 1 or 2. If you want a little more risk, for potentially more reward, you could look to use a portfolio from the other end of the table. The portfolios available to choose from are as follows:

Portfolio #Low Risk FundsMedium Risk FundsHigh Risk Funds
1 3    
2 2 1  
3 1 1 1
4   2 1
5   3  
6 1 2  
7   1 2
8     3

Actively Reviewing and Monitoring

We carefully choose all funds used and review them quarterly. Any which underperform are swapped for better ones at that time. Your money therefore stays in the best performing funds we can find at all times. Our ongoing charge for keeping watch over your ISA and the funds used is 1.35% p/annum.

Please remember that the value of investments can go down as well as up. You may not get back what you invest.